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Aussie men experience ED at some point in their lives[1]


of men are satisfied with Pilot’s treatment.[2]


of men will achieve lasting erections with treatment.[3]
Doctor Matthew Vickers

Ask a doctor, Dr Matthew Vickers

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?
What causes ED?
How can medication help stop ED?

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Can Pilot improve your relationship?

How partners feel about ED treatment


of partners noticed improved erections.[4]


as satisfied sexually than those with partners on a placebo.[5]


in sexual relationship satisfaction.[6]
We’re both so much happier
5 stars
by Mark
I love my partner, but I could tell he was struggling with his confidence and I didn’t realise at first, but it was affecting mine too. We both feel so much sexier now and are blown away by the results.
Melbourne, VIC
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Well that made a difference!
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by Jim
What great service team Pilot! Easy, discreet and great value. Very much looking forward to continuing with Pilot and trying some other services and products available to us. Get on board men of Australia.
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Answer questions about your health online. An Aussie practitioner will review your answers and recommend treatment.
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With unlimited follow-ups, you can chat with a Pilot practitioner whenever you need to get support or tweak your treatment.

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Pilot’s team of Australian practitioners are here when you need them – to check in on your progress and adjust your treatment as needed.

All follow-up consults are entirely online, secure, and completely free.

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“Pilot’s unique positioning in the market makes them perfectly suited to becoming a holistic men’s health platform. ”
“One of the best ideas we’ve come across in a long time.”
“... the average late-twenties male had pretty low engagement with the medical system. This led to the launch of Pilot, which connects young men to doctors for advice on key health concerns...”
“Pilot flies in, ready to shake up men’s health.”
“...carving the nation's path towards making mens health accessible online.”

Your medical questions, answered

Pilot Customer
What are the best treatments available for ED?
For men with erectile dysfunction, medication is considered the first and best approach for fast and effective results, with 94% of men reporting improved sexual activity on medication. 

Other treatments include penile injections and implants, which are obviously more invasive and not without increased risk and discomfort. 

For some, improving lifestyle habits can also help reduce ED. As part of Pilot treatment plans, a health practitioner will recommend lifestyle improvements relating to weight, exercise, smoking and alcohol.
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Dr Matthew Vickers

Dr Matthew Vickers
Pilot Customer
Will the medication automatically give me an erection?
No. ED medication will not give you an erection on the spot – sexual stimulation is still needed in order for you to get an erection. Medication will only amplify the signals required for normal penile function.

Dr Matthew Vickers

Dr Matthew Vickers
Pilot Customer
What do I need to know about side effects?
Many men won’t experience any side effects at all, but it’s normal to experience symptoms including headaches, a stuffy nose, facial flushing, muscle aches, or indigestion while using this class of treatment. These symptoms generally last only a short amount of time.
Dr Matthew Vickers
Dr Matthew Vickers


Can ED medication be taken long term?

A study taken over four years revealed minimal adverse effects in participants using the medication Pilot practitioners may offer, along with a high percentage of satisfaction continuing over the four year time period [2].

While ED treatment can be very effective and can help men regain confidence in the bedroom, it pays to take a closer look at the lifestyle habits that may be impacting your ED too. Your Pilot health practitioner can help you with this.

[5] DOI: 10.1016/j.eururo.2003.11.010
How does pricing on Pilot work?

There is a one-off $20 cost for the practitioner's consultation – which is refunded if you're not suitable for Pilot. The cost of ED treatment plans starts at $2.40 per day.

All plans include unlimited follow-up consultations, discreet delivery, and automatic refills every two months (you can cancel at any time).

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What causes ED?

Discover the causes of erectile dysfunction and find out more about the treatment options available to you.

Pilot stories are medically reviewed and updated regularly to include the most accurate information.
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Intensive training

Weight and ED

What is the link between weight gain and erectile dysfunction? And is it possible to help your sex life along with just a few lifestyle changes?

Read up about the role weight plays in the treatment of ED now.
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