How it works
Am I locked into accepting what the doctor gives me?
What happens if I am approved by my practitioner?
How quickly can I speak to a practitioner?
What treatments are available through Pilot?
How much does it cost?
Am I guaranteed a prescription / treatment plan?
Can I claim on Medicare?
Do I speak to a real practitioner?
How do I place an order?
What is Pilot?
Orders / Treatment Plans
Where can I learn more about side effect risks?
What should I do if I am experiencing a side effect?
How long are treatment plans / repeats valid?
Can I refill early if I run out?
What if I want to delay my next order?
What if I need to pause or cancel my treatment plan?
Can I increase my dosage?
What can I do if the results aren't what I expected?
What pharmacies do you ship from?
Where are the practitioners based?
Why can't you guys mention any drug names?
What happens to my data?
Does Pilot own a pharmacy?
Does Pilot employ practitioners?
What problem does Pilot solve?
Payments & Refunds
What charges on my bank statement can I expect?
What payment methods are accepted?
What is Pilot's returns policy?
Is Pilot a subscription service?
How can I change my shipping address?
What can I expect the packaging to look like?
Can I track my order?
How long does it take?
What does Pilot charge for shipping?
What health issues can Pilot help with?
Is telehealth legal in Australia?
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